Mostly, this is adapted from David Wolfe’s very concise yet thorough teachings on ‘rejuvenating foods’. There’s no need to take it to extremes, but as a general rule we should strive for a natural rhythm and balance within our diets (which may eventually already be or become intuitive for you).

This could start with simple food combining.

There is little evidence to suggest that rigorous food combining eases digestion and promotes better health, but I have found on experimentation myself (remember, there’s ‘no one size fits all’) the following:

1. Eating only one protein source is easier on digestion.
2. Eating only one fruit (with the exception of apples) at any one time is easier on digestion.
3. Eating fewer acidic foods is easier on digestion.

Generally speaking, I find simple foods are easier on the digestion, but you may not find that on experimentation.

Nowadays, the average diet tends to be overly-acidic in nature, because eating seed or grain flours (foods like wheat bread) and animal products (including eggs) is commonplace in the daily diet of the average person.

Food combining in one meal is when you for example, balance out an acidic food, like eggs, with an alkaline food, like green leafy vegetables. The recipes on this website are mostly balancing in that sense, but I wouldn’t go crazy trying to get that balance, it can  be really frustrating (trust me) and mostly pointless, since listening to your bodies nutritional needs seems to work effectively for me too. It’s good to know at least some alkaline whole foods though, since they are more often than not the foods the average person lacks in the average modern diet.

Some Alkaline Fruits

Please Note
Combining any of these fruits listed with nuts is generally considered a good food combination in terms of acid-alkaline balancing. However, dried fruits (with the exception of figs) are more acidic in nature than when they’re fresh. Soaked nuts, are less acidic in nature than un-soaked nuts so essentially the balance is sort of restored.


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